Auto Salon Special Night “Super Gran Turismo Competition”
Posted by | January 7, 2015

Gran Turismo players, Happy New Year 2015! Here’s the first piece of news for the new year.

On the show floor of the festival of custom cars opening on Jan. 9, the “Tokyo Auto Salon 2015 with NAPAC”, Juichi Wakisaka, AKA Mr. Super GT (LEXUS TEAM WedsSport BANDOH) will host the Auto Salon Special Night “Super Gran Turismo Competition”.

Gran Turismo 6

– Date/Time: Saturday, Jan. 10 19:00 Start (After hours on the 2nd day of the Tokyo Auto Salon (show closes at 18:00).

* A free ticket that will be handed out at the Tokyo Auto Salon is required to watch the event.
The tickets will be handed out to the first 1000 people visiting the information booths located near the central gate (Hall 5) or the main gate (Hall 9), from 9:00am on Saturday, Jan. 10.

Those who are unable to watch in person can also watch a live broadcast on the niconico live internet broadcast.

Again this year, many real racing drivers will be at the event! Satoshi Motoyama (MOLA), Takashi Kogure (Team Kunimitsu), Masataka Yanagida (MOLA), Koudai Tsukakoshi (Keihin Real Racing), Yuhi Sekiguchi (LEXUS TEAM WedSport BANDOH), Youichi Imamura (D1GP/OTG Motor Sports) Takayuki Kinoshita (Gazoo Racing) will be there in the event.

*Team names in parenthesis are for the 2014 season

Gran Turismo 6

The hosts/live announcers of the show are also professionals! There’s Pierre Kitagawa, a smooth talking announcer able to pronounce Hitachi Automotive Systems Chicane without becoming tongue tied. Then there is Hiroshi Tsujino, the famous announcer of the Suzuka Circuit, and Mina Momohara, the AutoSports web navigator. And the driving standard observer that will monitor the race for rough driving is ARTA executive advisor Keiichi Tsuchiya. (Tsuchiya san, you’re just gonna watch???)

And YAM participates as a guest, representing the fastest Gran Turismo Driver! But going up against professional drivers on this day will not just be him, that might include you!

The person that achieves 1st place in the time trial at the Gran Turismo Booth of the Tokyo Auto Salon will gain an entry ticket to the Super Gran Turismo Competition. Face off with real life racing drivers as the fastest Gran Turismo driver!

・Super Gran Turismo Championship Entry Qualifier Time Trial

Date/Time: Saturday, Jan. 10 15:30-17:45

*You can challenge the time trial as many times as you like during the allotted time.
* The car/track used in the time trial will be announced on the day of the event at the show.

At the Gran Turismo booth, there will also be a demo of the Simcraft simulator, where you can experience G forces while you drive!


Now, let’s look back at the second round from December through Juichi Wakisaka’s Channel 11.


The program evolves in every episode, and in this second round, three guest drivers of Satoshi Motoyama, Kazuki Hoshino, Hiroaki Ishiura and Juichi Wakisaka went head to head in a variety of virtual races.


Satoshi Motoyama probably has the longest experience playing Gran Turismo out of all Japanese racing drivers.


He’s a true Gran Turismo fan, even having participated as a professional driver in the final match of the Japan Championship of Gran Turismo that was held back in 2006, hosted after the qualifier of the 6th round of the Super GT series “Suzuka 1000km”. In this broadcast, he let go of the steering wheel just before the control line of the Fuji Speedway, and lost the top position in the race.

Spectators were probably surprised at the speed of Kazuki Hoshino, who participated in this event for the first time.


This is because actually, before the opening of the NISMO Festival, he had been racing every day against the four guys from GT Academy! And this training showed. In the wet condition race using the Suzuka 2014 course, he maintained top position until coming out of the Hitachi Automotive Systems Chicane in the final lap…

And Hiroaki Ishiura who is also participating for the first time might have been in a spot, being surrounded by drivers who are all senior to him.


But in the fully tuned Midget race, he showed some great throttle control maintaining top speed without hitting the rev limiter like a pro Gran Turismo player. This technique also works really well in real Kart racing too. And in the Super GT Time Trial on the Fuji Speedway, he marked the fastest time. I guess seniority doesn’t matter in a world of competition.


Full of the unexpected, a demon lurks in the Super Gran Turismo Championships that brings it chaos. Will it be a professional driver or a Gran Turismo player who will reign supreme at the Tokyo Auto Salon??



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