Posted by | February 10, 2015

The victory at the Bathurst 12 hour race on February 8 (local time) was the ultimate result for the GT Academy. As you can tell from the list of drivers in the results, they took the overall win while overcoming battle hardened factory drivers of other manufacturers. It was a dramatic race that is sure to be remembered in motorsports history. The last victory for Nissan on Mount Panorama was in 1992, at the peak of Group A racing. 23 years from that Bathurst 1000 victory brought about by the Skyline GT-R (R32), Japan’s Godzilla is once again king of the Aussie mountain.

Gran Turismo 6Gran Turismo 6

Wolfie made a perfect start in the dark, improving their position from 3rd to 2nd place. Florian wove his way skillfully through accidents, and Chiyo san gave it all in a mad rush in the last 4 minutes. Everything came together for this victory! And there was also great news for Alex who couldn’t’attend this race; now he’ll be fathering his child and the GT Academy Graduates alike!

Gran Turismo 6Gran Turismo 6Gran Turismo 6Gran Turismo 6

On NISMO TV you can see highlights from this epic race.

It’s fantastic no matter how many times I watch it!

The Quick Matches of Gran Turismo 6 is currently hosting events that are made to replicate the hours of the race. And you can take some great lifelike photos in photo mode!

Gran Turismo 6Gran Turismo 6

It’s really exciting to think that they stood on the very top of this podium. Wolfgang Reip, Florian Strauss, Katsumasa Chiyo, Congratulations!!



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