Brand New B-Spec
Posted by | February 25, 2015

In the upcoming Ver. 1.16 update, a brand new B-Spec will be introduced. In the former versions of B-Spec, there were probably many of you who were dissatisfied with the AI, with moments like “why is he letting off of the gas there!?” and “why aren’t you using the slipstream!!”… In the B-Spec of Gran Turismo 6, in addition to selecting the pacing in a continually fixed command, you will now be able to intervene with more control over your AI. Overtaking, use of slipstreams, lane changes, and even throttle/braking can be controlled in real time.


Rather than the style in Gran Turismo 5 where you hire a B-Spec driver, you’re sort of supporting the driving of your AI. You could maybe use the feature to collect stars that you missed before. Prizes, laps, tire regulations etc. are all the same as in A-Spec.

It’s also perfect for races using hard to control cars like the Red Bull X Challenge. Even beginner drivers will be able to challenge difficult events in this way.


But of course working the throttle too much without thinking will cause the AI to spin out or run off the track. It will take the sort of sensitive control you need to run a radio-controlled RC car.

Unlike A-Spec, you can check your surroundings easier, and you can play the game as if you’ve become a NASCAR race spotter. To win close battles using cars that are close in performance, it might also be good to try playing from the interior view.


Please look forward to the update!



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