Weekend of the Challengers
Posted by | May 15, 2015

The GT Academy Live Event qualifier was held recently at the Fuji Speedway. As it was held alongside the Super GT Round 2, many Gran Turismo players gathered there.


Do you remember this guy?

He’s “Calsonic”, the player who represented Eastern Japan in the Red Bull 5G racing division last year. He managed to mark the fastest lap as the TV crew was filming and proved to his rivals that he has what it takes. For a guy who just gained his ticket to the Japan Finals before anyone else, he seems calm… at peace, even.


The player “MASARU”, who fought for the top spot over these 2 days, is someone who has always been in the top ranks of official matches. After the Fuji Speedway event, he also participated in the qualifier event at the Fuji Television Spring Fes… but again, didn’t quite make it. The winner of the Fuji TV Spring Fes event, “Li”, was also another competitor who didn’t make it at the Fuji Speedway, but managed to make a comeback at the Fes event.


As you can see from the rankings board, many competitors who were 2nd and below at the Fuji Speedway showed up for a rematch. Not only that, all of them set better times and even exceeded the time set by Calsonic at the Fuji Speedway: Japanese top players mean serious business.

There is only one Live Event left, and it will be held at the Nissan Global Headquarters (in Japanese). Will MASARU gain the ticket to the Japan Finals at the home base and holy ground of Nissan? Or will it be someone else?

You only live once: why not try going for your childhood dream of becoming a racing driver?

Round 2 has just opened in the online qualifier in Gran Turismo 6. With the stage set at Brands Hatch, this round will be fought in the GT Academy GT-R NISMO GT3.

Gran Turismo 6Gran Turismo 6Gran Turismo 6Gran Turismo 6

In the real world of motorsports, the Blancpain GT Sprint Series has just started. As you can see from the GT Academy Online Ranking laptimes, there is very little difference between the real and virtual. You can really feel how incredible the GT Academy racing program is, bridging the gap to the real world.

 [Report] Super GT Round 2: Fuji 500km

Recently the Super GT has been starting to gather attention again as the world’s fastest touring car race. Top speeds at the high speed Fuji Speedway track reaches over 300km/h. The pole position time was set this year by Ronnie Quintarelli driving the Motul Autech GT-R, at 1 minute and 27.552 seconds. The time is just short of last year’s LMP1 Hybrid class pole position time set by the Toyota TS040, at 1 minute and 26.886 seconds (average time). Lucas today is participating in a GT500 class that is just reaching new heights in performance. Oh… and he just turned 30 years old on May 1. Happy Birthday!


At the opening round in Okayama, Lucas unfortunately dropped out in Q1 qualifying, but this time he was sharp and focused. In the Q1 qualifier his team mate Sasaki marked 6th place, successfully advancing to the Q2 qualifier and handing the baton to Lucas. And Lucas marked an incredible 1 minute 28.642, placing them 5th on the starting grid.


Having placed 5th last year at the Fuji circuit, it looked as though they had a chance for the podium; but they were hit by another car early on in the race, damaging the rear section. With damage to aerodynamics on the high speed Fuji Speedway, they could not finish within any points position, having concluded the race on the 11th place. The race ended with a pole-to-win finish from car #23, driven by Tsugio Matsuda and Ronnie Quintarelli.


After this, Matsuda and Lucas flew out for the testing of the NISMO LMP1 in preparation for the Le Mans 24 Hours race. Upon returning to Japan, Lucas still keeps being busy, participating in the Japanese F3. Lucas gives the traditional Japanese “otsukaresamadesu” (a phrase that gives condolences for a hard days work) greeting every time I see him now. No, Lucas… It’s you who deserves the “otsukaresamadesu”!

And he’ll also be participating in the Nürburgring 24 Hours race happening on May 16-17th.


Team Schulze (probably the team with the world most famous GT-R…) this year is joined by Florian Strauss, in addition to the regular line-up of drivers made by the Schulze brothers (Tobias and Michael) and Jordan Tresson. It will be interesting to see how Florian will perform here, having won against the world’s works teams in the Bathurst 12 Hours race. European Gran Turismo players should visit the Nürburgring in person and experience the real 24 Hours of Nürburgring!


* In the online events of Gran Turismo 6, there will also be Nürburgring-themed Quick Match and Drift Trial events.

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