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Posted by | June 26, 2015

It’s been 25 years since the passing of Osamu Tezuka, Japan’s distinguished manga artist who created many masterpieces in his career. And to look back upon these last 25 years, an exhibit for Japanese manga, anime and games which were produced after his passing in 1989 has been opened at the National Art Center in Tokyo (Minato-ku). The exhibit analyzes various works produced during this time from 8 different aspects, including the relationship between different works, society, and technology.


Gran Turismo 6 is introduced as a theme for Chapter 8 of this exhibit, “The ‘technique’ of the artist”. Gran Turismo has nurtured a world of virtual reality since its first release and while advancing technology continued to be applied as much as possible, a large emphasis was still placed on the senses and technique of the artists. High tech and the importance of artisans who control it. See for yourself the unique world of virtual reality in Gran Turismo.


The “Car Production Movie” is an interesting piece that introduces the process by which a mass of data becomes a 3D model. And in the documentary images gathered during the data capturing of the Ascari Race Resort, you can see the process by which a massive amount of coordinate points are turned into a track for Gran Turismo 6. There are also some interesting gadgets that appear, such as the giant caliper named “Hakaru-kun” (Measure-boy). This was a tool that was devised by the staff who measured a massive number of vehicles during the creation of “Tourist Trophy”, the “Real Riding Simulator” about motorcycles released in 2006.


Though it is no longer in use anymore due to the invention of 3D scanners, in the past it was used for the measurement of fuel tanks, engines and body-parts where measurement was difficult due to the shape of the motorcycles.

This exhibit will give you an inside look into the production of Gran Turismo. If there are Gran Turismo fans that plan to be in Japan during this time, we hope you’ll drop by the exhibit. The exhibit will be hosted at the National Art Museum until August 31st.


The National Art Museum


Manga*Anime*Games from Japan



Period: June 24 (Wed) to August 31 (Mon) 2015.

Opening Hours: 10:00 to 18:00 (Friday: Open until 20:00 – Tuesday: Closed).

Entrance allowed up until 30 minutes before closing time.



The National Museum Exhibit Room 1E

7-22-2 Roppongi, Minatoku, Tokyo



* The exhibit will move to the Hyogo Prefectural Art Museum from September 19 (Sat) to November 23 (Mon). Thereafter it is planned to be hosted in Myanmar and Hong Kong.



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