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Posted by | July 10, 2015

Have you ever made a “bucket list”? (I think there’s also a movie with the same title, isn’t there?)

If you love cars and motorcycles and racing, “Goodwood Festival of Speed” definitely belongs in that list.

We brought you a report from last year event as well, but this year’s edition had something with a special meaning for us: the huge “Central Feature” that appears every year at the Goodwood Festival of Speed is a structure that is built solely for the 3-day event. The gigantic feature is always decorated with cars that represent the history and glory of car manufacturers.


Click on the image to go to the official English site of the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

For us, this year the biggest reason of excitement was the full scale model of the Mazda LM55 Vision Gran Turismo appearing on this Central Feature. Historic and legendary cars from manufacturers have always decorated this Festival of Speed iconic structure throughout the years, but who would have imagined that a concept car that was made just for a video game would appear on the sculpture a car representing a brand? And rising to the heavens just ahead of the Mazda LM55 Vision Gran Turismo there is the legendary Le Mans winner, the Mazda 787B.



On the night of June 25, an opening ceremony was held in front of Goodwood House, and a speech was given by Lord March and Mazda’s design director Mr. Maeda. Mr. Maeda introduced himself starting with the statement: “I’m a true petrol head!” which brought laughters and a hearty applause from the crowd. The ceremony was topped off with lights, music and fireworks which engulfed the Central Feature.





But that wasn’t the end of the ceremony. In the dark, after the fireworks had died down, a high pitched rotary engine sound was heard from a distance. A squadron of Mazda race cars appeared out of the darkness with lights on, and convened in front of Goodwood House. Needless to say, the guests were extremely pleased with this fantastic show.





The cars that gather at the Festival include the new and the old (even concept cars!) and each one of these are actually run on the hillclimb course. There is nothing separating the spectators and the crowd but a straw barrier on the track sides. You can stand right next to these cars in the paddocks, hear the raw engine noise and smell the gasoline right in front of you. Not only that, the original drivers and riders of these vehicles from their days jump the divide of past and present, gathering in Chichester to once again take to the road.



The Mercedes SLR driven by Sir Sterling Moss. 7 out of 8 cars existing in the world gathered at Goodwood this year.



The true living legend, Sir Stirling Moss.


Cars going into the track one after another from the F1 paddocks.



Yamauchi-san drove the 1974 Jaguar E type this year. He went out onto the track, followed by the thundering roar of its V12 engine.



Even far away, people were stopping to listen when this car drove by.


The concept car commemorating the 60th anniversary of Alpine (front).


The Toyota TS040 which just finished its entry in the Le Mans 24 Hours race.

出来上がったばかりのレクサスRC-F GT3が初お目見え。現在グランツーリスモと開発コラボレーションを行っている。

The just completed Lexus RC-F GT3 shows itself for the first time. A development collaboration for this car is going on with Gran Turismo as we speak.

インフィニティ ビジョン グランツーリスモを手がけたサイモン・コックス氏と山内さん。

Mr. Simon Cox, who had a hand in the creation of the Infinity Vision Gran Turismo, along with Yamauchi-san.

爆音でヒルクライムコースを駆け上がる、発表されたばかりのコンセプトカー、アストンマーティン バルカン。

The just announced concept car Aston Martin Vulcan roars up the hillclimb course.

ボディ、特にテールライトの造形は、アストンマーティン DP-100 ビジョン グランツーリスモのデザインをダイレクトに受け継いでいます。

Its body, and especially the design of its tail lights, have been directly inherited from the DP-100 Vision Gran Turismo.


Cars coming back after their run at the Super Car Paddocks.

昨年、ヒルクライムコースでクラストップタイムを叩き出したGTアカデミーのヤン・マーデンボローが運転する日産 ジュークR。

GT Academy’s Jann Mardenborough who marked the top time in his class last year on the hill, drove the souped-up Nissan Juke R this year.


Mr. Maeda driving the new MX-5 Roadster.


When you hear the screaming noise high overhead, you know it’s time for the aerial acrobatic show.




Every year, there is a GT Time Trial going on all over the show grounds.


Nostalgic cars you’ve driven in the game, super machines that just came out into the world. Surprises and joy wherever you look. For a motorsport fan, it’s hard to take more than a few steps in the Goodwood paddocks without stopping in awe.




Yamauchi-san has a hard time moving forward too, with lots of people asking for autographs. The great thing about Goodwood is that the spectators and drivers are all walking around in the same place.


Hey, isn’t that…


Valentino Rossi who had just won the Dutch TT motoGP class flew into Goodwood on the same night. He drove the Mazda 787B.


At the Goodwood Circuit, there was also a test drive event held for the new Mazda MX-5 Roadster.


I’m already looking forward to next year’s Goodwood, to see what kind of entertainment and Central Feature they will come up with next!



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