Battle of Summer 2015
Posted by | August 28, 2015

Round 5 of the Super GT, the 44th International Suzuka 1000km Race will be held on August 30. And Wolfgang Reip of GT academy (2012 GT Academy European Champion) will be making a spot participation as the 3rd driver for #3NDDP Racing. Everyone knows him by now as “Wolfie”. He’ll be racing against the world’s leading touring car meisters, drivers such as Jörg Müller (BMW), Christian Mamerow (Audi) and Dominik Farnbacher (Lexus). Katsumasa Chiyo, who was a mentor at the GT Academy Asia Finals, will also be participating in the GAINER TANAX GT-R.

The race will also be live streamed in some countries outside Japan via NISMO TV.

GT Academy started in 2008, but this is the first year that Japan is a participating country and at Pit Stop we’ve been following the selection process results from the beginning. In addition to the familiar hard core boot camp of GT Academy, there were also new challenges awaiting the finalists. And at the end the Philippine representative, Jose Gerard-Policarpio, came out as the winner. This was the birth of the first Asian GT Academy champion and now he will hone his skills even further in preparation for the Dubai 24 Hours race, to be held on January 16, 2016.

Winner’s Reaction: GT Academy 2015 Asia!

GT Academy 2015 Asia Final Race!

In the final race, the #7 370Z of the Japan representative Takuya Takahashi dropped out due to gearbox issues. Though Japan had to wait longer to witness the birth of a Japanese GT Academy winner, Takahashi making it all the way through to the Finals really touched the hearts of many Japanese Gran Turismo players. Maybe the day when Japanese players will find out that a close friend, who they were racing with in Gran Turismo, has all of a sudden become a professional racing driver will come soon.

In line with the Suzuka 1000km race hosted this weekend, Gran Turismo 6 Quick Matches will feature a combination of the Suzuka Circuit and Super GT GT500 Class online races. The matchup of virtual and real is a privilege only available to a Gran Turismo player, so we should all gather at the Suzuka for the end of Summer break!




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