GT6 Track Path Editor
Posted by | September 30, 2015

Sorry to have kept you waiting for so long! The Gran Turismo 6 course creation feature has finally been added as the “Track Path Editor”! With this feature, you can transfer a track designed on a tablet (Android or iOS) to Gran Turismo 6. In addition to your standard looped circuit track layout, you can also design a single sector course as well, which will increase the types of time trials and drift modes you can play with. A variety of course side objects you can place are available according to the theme of the track, to create a course full of originality.


Death Valley
The map themed on Death Valley of the United States is also a great landscape for photo shot. You can place telephone poles on an unending straight to give it the feel of an actual road there, creating a scene straight out of a movie. It might become a favorite in the open lobby!


The Eifel region of mid-western Germany, where the Nürburgring is located, is famous for its fields of mustard flowers. There are two versions of the Eifel: one on a hilly terrain and one on a flat terrain, and both are compatible with the “Time/Weather: Variable” option.


Eifel Flat
In contrast to the fields of mustard flowers in the sun, the wet surface gives a different atmosphere. Sun or rain, hilltop or flat, 4 patterns of terrain are available on the Eifel and it’s very likely to quickly become a fan-favourite when creating endurance races!


This is the same theme of the original “Circuito de la Sierra”, based on the Ronda region in Spain. You can create a winding road in a mountainous region compatible with the “Time: Variable” option. Set a narrow course width to create your very own winding “touge” road!




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