New Year Holiday Challenge 2015-2016 (Season 2)
Posted by | December 23, 2015

I hope you’re enjoying Season 1 of the New Year Holiday Challenge! The Red Bull Fan Car Series Time Trial is difficult but it is definitely possible to achieve a Gold award if you drive carefully. Keep trying and don’t give up until the final day! Many players having difficulty clearing the event may be braking too early. The Fan car has an incredible top speed, and its stopping power is just as high. Understanding the characteristics of the course and the car is of paramount importance to achieve Gold results!
Now Season 2 is coming up, starting on December 24; these events are again tough and come with the “Time/Weather: Variable” option enabled.


[Season 2 – Dec. 24, 2015 – Jan. 14, 2016]

600PP A-Spec Race
European Racing Car Expert Challenge / Andalucia Original Course (“Time/Weather: Variable” option enabled)

This is a race for European racing cars. The original track utilizing the winding terrain of Andalucia has many ups and downs as well as sharp blind corners. The weather will also rapidly change, and it is recommended that you own all types of racing tires including intermediate, heavy wet and slicks. And remember, even if the surface moisture display says 0%, this only indicates that the record line is dry, not the rest of the course. Be careful not to run off the track!


550PP Time Trial
Non-Race Car & Tuned Car 1 Lap Time Trial / Nürburgring Nordschleife (“Time/Weather: Variable” option enabled)

The hottest track for time trials is the Nürburgring Nordschleife, in both the real and virtual worlds. This time trial involves both time and weather changes like in real life, raising the level of tension on the track. The regulation is set at 550PP, a perfect level for high performance stock cars and tuned cars. Who will be the fastest driver in the world on the famed Nürburgring!?


Drift Trial
Death Valley Special Drift Trial / Death Valley Original Track (Special Section)

This trial takes place on a drift course with a layout that has been overseen by the Pit Stop blog team. Mantaining the drift throughout the combined corners in the first half will greatly affect your score. Raise your concentration again in the straightaway in the middle. As in Season 1, there are no restrictions on the participating machines. Race cars, D1 cars, tuned and stock cars; all genres of cars can challenge this event.


As the final event of the year, there is a special update for the quick match planned before new year: there will be 2 additional race events where you can participate in with the cars from your garage. The events will be based on the Grand Valley Speedway and High Speed Ring, two iconic tracks that hold a bit of nostalgia for drivers who have played Gran Turismo throughout the years.


Driving the track now after so many years feels like driving down memory lane, and reminds us that we need to keep working hard on the next title so fans old and new around the world can keep experiencing the traditional feelings associated to Gran Turismo.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year everyone! We’ll be looking forward to seeing you around in 2016!



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