“GAME ON” Arrives in Japan!
Posted by | March 2, 2016

“Gran Turismo” is now on display at the Japan National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, in their “GAME ON” exhibit introducing the history of video games.


When you first enter the building, you are greeted by the “Geo Cosmos” globe, built with high resolution organic EL panels with over 10 million pixels.  This globe, showing what’s happening to our Earth almost in real-time, was one of Dr. Mamoru Mohri’s wishes, former astronaut and Director of the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation.


I first entered the building wondering “Video games in a science exhibit?”, but then I quickly realised the importance of video game history and the significant effect it had on each generation, it’s much more than what the meaning of the term “retro gaming” conveys. The biggest surprise was that everything was displayed in a playable form!


With lighting that reminds you of the dark but warm arcades of the past, the exhibit makes you feel as though you’ve traveled through time. I was really excited to learn new things while being reminded of the past. It’s no wonder that the exhibit has greeted over 2 million visitors while touring around the world since 2002, when “GAME ON” was first opened at the Barbican Centre in London, one of the biggest European cultural centers.

In the deepest area of the exhibit, under the theme “NEXT STAGE”, “Gran Turismo 6” and the Thrustmaster T300RS steering controller (with pedals from the T500RS) are on display in playable form.


So, whether you have already played Gran Turismo before or not, we’re looking forward to welcoming you at the event to try out fun cars on tracks you can enjoy!

Event Information


Japan National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation

Entry Tickets:

Adults (19 or older): 1500 yen

Youngs (18 or below): 750 yen

Youngs (18 or below – Saturdays only): 650yen



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