Goodwood Festival of Speed (Day 2)
Posted by | June 28, 2014

On June 27, continuing from the Nissan booth of yesterday, there was another car under a veil in Goodwood. Aston Martin, the sports car brand of England was about to announce their DP-100 Vision Gran Turismo in their home country. From early in the morning, there was already a crowd gathered in front of the booth waiting for the unveiling.



At 9:30, the car was unveiled. Photography by media and the visitors continued for some time.


The wheel with a feature that opens its blades to cool the brakes, is made in detail.


The rear side view camera is built into the gap between the front fender and the body.


The chief designer Marek describes the details.


Bibendum, the Michelin tire man also helped the unveil.


With the Aston Martin DP-100 Vision Gran Turismo unveil a success, we move on to the next location, but then a thunderous noise fills the skies. Looking up, there are 9 airplanes flying in formation, leaving smoke trails in Union Jack colors. It was an incredible sight to see. In the blue skies above the fields of green grass, it couldn’t get any better. A variety of aircraft zoomed overhead throughout the day, living up to the name “Festival of Speed”.



During the event, I had to go back and forth from the Media Center for a variety of work, but its not easy to just stroll through these roads… This is due to it being next to a paddock where the precious treasures, the famous cars and motorcycles that made motoring history are being prepared. When the engines are running, you just can’t help but to stop and see. And if you don’t be careful about your surroundings, you might just be run over by one of those legends that comes rolling out of a narrow path. Really.



Being able to see the racing cars that were the heroes of my childhood, I thought to myself this is a heaven for motorsports fans; but I also think it’s a heaven for the car’s themselves. Their days of glory have gone by a long time ago, but here they are with their engines roaring again, driving, and being appreciated by crowds of people.








There are few that can rival England for its bad weather, but May and June is the best time of the year here. With a great blue sky overhead, there are fantastic cars, motorcycles, and an aerial show, that you can watch from the grass with a beer in your hand. And ice cream!



Tomorrow, Mr. Yamauchi will be driving a special car, so I think I will try photographing this from the famous hill climb course.



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