Introducing the new ”Gran Turismo PIT STOP” service
Posted by | June 16, 2014

Hello everyone, this is the PITSTOP Editorial Team.

We’ve created a new place for sharing information with Gran Turismo fans: the “Gran Turismo PIT STOP”.

The PIT STOP is a blog-style service that brings you information regarding Gran Turismo in a casual way. Taking an approach that is a bit different from the official gran-turismo.com, we’ll be bringing you bits of info that didn’t make it into the official news.

At PIT STOP, a variety of authors in addition to its writers will be posting articles from all over the world. Visitors can also leave comments on these articles as well, but please keep in mind that there may be cases in which inappropriate comments or those that are unrelated to the topic in question may be deleted. You will need to login with a Facebook account in order to be able to leave a comment.

We are hoping that this new communication channel will be a great way to bring all GT fans together in a dedicated community platform, so please come join us!

<PIT STOP Editorial Team>



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