Nürburgring 2014
Posted by | June 17, 2014

Hi everyone, I’m EXP.

In the beginning of May, Yamauchi san asked me whether I’d be interested in “Experiencing the Nürburgring for real, from a GT player’s point of view”. Since he made that offer to me things moved forward really quickly.

So I’m going to write on the theme, of what happens when you project the knowledge of the Nürburgring you’ve gained in a virtual world of Gran Turismo, into real life.

My motorsports spectator experience is limited to the Fuji Speedway and Suzuka Circuit.

And because I have a knack for encountering heavy rain at a lot of motorsport events I go to, I packed my GORE-TEX rainsuit and fleece jacket, and I’m ready to go!


But then Yamauchi san says to me “You said you liked camping and watching races right?” so I packed extra camping equipment in a rush.

Its like a dream for a camping enthusiast like me, but camping at my first visit to the Nürburgring… could be a bit worrying.

The campers at the Nürburgring 24 hour race start securing spots at the camp grounds a week before the race, with giant sound systems straight out of a rock festival. Some of them aren’t even concerned with the progress of the race. And Yamauchi san actually loves going to festivals around the world and dancing in the crowds, so maybe I’ll get a glimpse of this in the trip….?

The weather at this time of year at the Nürburgring, is like a sweaty summer festival reaching over 20C°in the daytime, and a fall festival dropping below 0°at night. The temperature difference is quite large so you’ve got to choose your equipment wisely. I’m packing a winter tent, 3 season sleeping bag, a winter inner sleeping bag, insulator sheet, a gas stove (Gas tanks aren’t allowed on airplanes so I plan to buy one locally). This alone weighs in at the very limits of international flight luggage restrictions for Japan Airlines, at 23 kilos!


I couldn’t finish packing until the night before the flight… I synced my Nürburgring bookmarks I’d collected over the years with my tablet and mobile, and off I go!


Nürburgring 24 Hour Endurance Race Information Links:

Official Nürburgring 24 Hour Race site : You can watch a streaming feed of the race from Japan from the official site.
Race Schedule (Gazoo Racing): (Time Table in Japanese Timezone)
Official Entry List (PDF): Japanese teams in cars #24.#30.#80.#48.#53.#118
wige LIVE TIMING: Showing live timing of cars in the race
Sportscar-info.de: Images of entry cars and driver names in an organized format
GPSauge: A must for a racing fan even if you’re not on location at the race, showing GPS tracking info of cars on the track.There’s also a futuristic iOS app that shows alerts and yellow flagged sections as soon as they happen.
Gazoo Racing: Introducing new Nürburgring trivia every day until the race final.
STi: Entering with a new car this year, with greatly improved potential!
motorsport.com: A databank of all motorsports around the globe

Race reports in Japanese: Twitter accounts:
@GAZOO_JIMMY (Gazoo Racing)
@Reporter_ne_san (Gazoo Racing)
@NISSAN_MS (Nissan)



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